Scott Johnson
Shop owner

42 years of enthusiasm on the job . Scott also collects vintage bikes, teaches repair classes, and beginner rides for the local club “Thread City Cyclers

Favorite bike: 1992 Antonio Mondonico road bike.








Sales manager

Glen purchased his first “10 speed” from shop in 1973
Current Ride: Trek Madone 6.9, Trek Superfly , Raleigh Ropper,




Eric Roy
Mechanic with Thousands of miles on the bike, seven years on the wrench.
Current Rides: Trek Session 88, mutiny Loosifer , Fuji XC 2.0
Favorite Ride: Power hour at highland
Recovery: fresh eggs from his chickens.








markMark Campbell

“Jack of all trades master of non”, Mark does everything from bicycle repair to sales.

Favorite Bike: