About Us

• Here at Scott’s Cyclery, now well into our 40th year on Main Street in Willimantic CT. Bikes are not only our jobs, but our passion. We have up to date firsthand knowledge by following new developments and very often trying new products before they hit the shelves. We also have hands on experience that dates back to the 1970’s.

• Only in a small independent bike shop like Scott’s can you still get a really good level of serive from cyclist who ride and repair. Mail-order (internet) shops, large chains or department stores aren’t going to be able to give you the necessary direction as they do not possess the knowledge that we provide each and every day free of charge.

• You can test ride our products from full bikes to indididual parts like saddles( try to do that on the web) . Its very important to us that you purchase a bike that firs you and your budget perfectly. The only way to do so, is to sit on one and have a go!

• With every new bike we wsell a service package is included. This is very important and necessary as new parts need adjustment after initial use.

• Scott’s sales staff will assist you in finding a bicycle to accommodate your riding style. We are not on a commission and will show you bicycles that fit your riding needs.

• Every bike we sell is built and checked over by an experienced bicycle mechanic, comes with a warranty and our service package.

• Brands we sell, were carefully selected for their quality and value. We do not sell products we do not believe in. All our products are backed with a warranty.

• Our bikes are high quality, that means they need less maintenance and are worth repairing. In the long run they are less expensive because of the longevity, serviceability and durability.

• Supporting your local shop helps local community and supports people who truly have a passion for cycling, a passion which they will gladly share with you.

• As we are an independent retailer, if you have any problem there is always a person here to help you find a solution.

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